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We manage all of our properties with these 6 steps

Step 1 Evaluate property to make it easy to rent

We will visit your home at no obligation and give you an expert opinion on what, if any, maintenance or remodel needs to happen prior to a new tenant moving in. We’ll evaluate yards, floors, kitchen, baths, lighting and paint. We will provide a free estimate for the work needed. You can choose to use your own vendors or work with ours.

Step 2 Setting the optimum price

We start with a rental analysis that identifies the similar properties for rent within 2 miles radius. This will give us a fair market rent “range”. That amount can move up or down slightly depending on your home’s condition, amenities and the season. We always recommend starting at market price, test the price for 1 or 2 weeks. If we receive less than 5 inquiries or no showings in the first 2 weeks, then we will lower the price. Our goal is to rent your properties at the highest price with the best tenant.

Step 3 Aggressive Advertising

We create a high quality ad with professional photos and 3D tours and post it on over 20 sites including Facebook marketplace, Zillow, Trulia, Zumper and our own SQR website. We will show your house 7 days a week. All of us at SQR work weekends and hustle to coordinate with the busy schedules of prospective tenants.

Step 4 Thorough Screening

  • Credit score. We also look at what’s behind the credit score I.E. bankruptcies, excessive debt, monthly payment, student loans, medical bills etc.
  • Income must be 3 to 4 times the rent verified with live bank account verification
  • We will have read only rights to applicants bank account and payroll account verify income and employer to avoid fraudulent pay stubs and fake bank statements
  • National criminal background/sex offender screening check
  • Landlord references
  • Professional and personal references

This process allows us to offer our $2000 eviction guarantee. If we have to evict a tenant we approved, we will cover court costs and legal fee up to $2000.

Step 5 Day to Day Management

  • One year lease signed with tenant, deposit and rent collected.
  • Perform tenant move-in inspection/confirm tenant insurance
  • We handle all maintenance calls 24x7
  • We will handle any tenant interaction
  • We will inspect the property annually
  • Annual rent analysis and lease renewal
  • If property needs upgrades, annual tune up of large appliances, we will recommend and monitor the job

Step 6 Accurate accounting

  • Rent is due on the first, late after the 5th
  • We “guarantee” our owners their rent payment by the 15th of the month
  • Owner statements posted and mailed monthly
  • Year-end 1099 and expenses/cash flow statement provided so you don’t need to do bookkeeping on excel sheet for every property any more

Our owners enjoys peace of mind with these steps that are the highest standard of the industry

  • No initial set up fees
  • On time rents
  • Eviction guarantee
  • We know all fair housing laws and city ordinances
  • We require proper tenant insurance and tenant will be under our renter insurance automatically if theirs lapse
  • We inspect the home annually
  • 30 day rental guarantee
  • Pet guarantee
  • Easy exit guarantee (we work month to month with owners)
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