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Special Services Saves Your Money

Air Filter Service

1. We deliver air filters to the tenant every 2 months.
Ensure the longevity of your HVAC system and foster a healthier living environment for your tenants with our hassle-free air filter delivery service. You pay Nothing! A win-win

2. Why pay another expensive Pest Control Treatment?
Good news! Spruce Quality Rentals has partnered with Pest Share to end the frustration of over paying for expensive pest control! The Pest Assurance Pro program takes care of pests on demand when it's needed - at a fraction of the cost! We are committed to protecting your property with this exciting new amenity!

Pestshare Service
Guaranteed tenants renter insurance enrollment.

3. Guaranteed tenants renter insurance enrollment. We require all tenants purchase renter’s insurance and list their pets. We will continuously monitor the status of their renter’s insurance policy to ensure they are active all the time.

4. Benefits from our 24/7 leasing hotline, guaranteeing rapid rental turnovers and ensuring no calls go unanswered — we're here around the clock to facilitate faster rentals and happier landlords!"

24/7 leasing hotline Service
Guaranteed tenants renter insurance enrollment.

5. Keep your tenants satisfied and encourage long-term stays with our 24/7 maintenance hotline, a service designed to swiftly address concerns and minimize complaints, fostering a harmonious landlord-tenant relationship.